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How To Choose The Right Items From An Antique Furniture Store

Buying antique furniture is actually way different from your typical thrift store shopping or garage sale. You should keep in mind that you are not purchasing a just any used item, but a piece that has been made from a specific era. Side note, to qualify as an antique, the item should be more than 100 years old.

With that being said, how can you choose a good antique furniture piece, all while still making the shopping experience exciting? Read the tips listed below to know how.

Learn how to spot a fake

When it comes to antique furniture, honest restoration works including fresh feet or replacement veneers are definitely acceptable. In fact, it is often desirable to dealers as it's a sign of age. However, there are often cases where antique furniture has overgone comprehensive 'restoration,' which is undeclared and intended to deceive. One thing to be aware of when you buy antique furniture is artificial distressing. Inconsistent colours and grains or signs of excessive distressing are all red flags that the antique furniture could actually be fake.

What you should look out for are uneven oxidation of boards, overly rusted nails, and unnatural surface appearances. Other factors to look for are alterations to doors, cornices, glazing bars, handles and re-made drawers. It's not always easy to tell if the antique furniture is genuine, making it more important than ever to authenticate items by buying from reputable dealers or centres.

Make sure it fits

You are not buying items from antique furniture stores just to store it away somewhere. So always consider size, especially if you are buying the furniture for your own home. Make sure that it won't look too small or too huge for your intended space. Take your space measurements to the store with you so you can be sure of buying something that will fit into your home and is scaled right.

Do not let scratches scare you

While it is important to look for gently used furniture, surface scratches can be fixed. Do not let minor scratches put you off. There are actually many products out there that can fix minor flaws. And if a truly remarkable piece warrants it, you can get it professionally refinished.

Repurpose for style

See if you can repurpose the furniture. For instance, use an old trunk as a coffee table or make that antique table your new nightstand. Unusual furniture in unexpected places can give your space a distinct style.

Look for damages

Unfortunately, time and poor care can lead to an antique being damaged. This is why before buying from antique furniture stores, you should first thoroughly inspect the item.

Be sure to check your antique has everything it should. Look for any missing drawers or any gaps in it. In addition, keep in mind that different types of furniture can wear down in different places. For example, heavier items that may have been dragged rather than lifted will have scathes in their bases. They may also have been standing in damp conditions, which can cause the legs and feet to rot. This could cause strain or damage to the furniture, so get down and check the feet and underside of the piece.

Check the construction

If you're planning to buy antique furniture, you will want to know how the piece is held together. Always look for signs of quality craftsmanship. To verify that, try opening the drawers and check for any dovetail joints. If you can't see any, then that suggests that the piece is held together by modern techniques using nails and glue. If you can see dovetailing, that means the piece may be handmade.

However, if the joints look too perfect, then the piece may be machine-made. Slight irregularities in the fittings are in fact a promising sign. Ensure that the frame is solidly made and firm. For example, if a chair wobbles, the joints may need to be re-glued or repaired.

Knowing what to check when purchasing antique furniture can definitely save you from getting something that does not fit your interior. By taking note of the above-mentioned tips, it is now easier for you to buy an excellent piece that is well worth its price and will look perfect in your place. So before you get excited and rush to the nearest antique store to buy that antique you have been looking at for a long time, don't forget to refer to this list first!

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